Facebook Images

I lack enough creativity to distribute my photographs in some intelligent way, so you can find a number of photo albums on my Facebook page. Here’s a current list of the main albums below. The links will transport you to the relevant album. Many of the images don’t have much of an explanation; that’s what this website is here to do.

  • Of Geological Interest – I move images that have some kind of geological impact, however remote, here.
  • Nature – This is a home for images outside of geological ones.
  • FungusAmongus – Yes, I like to make pictures of fungi. What else can I say?

There are many more there.

First Post

More or less. There were posts to an earlier version of the Geologist’s Pick back when it was partly designated to service a university-level class. (See the Colophon for a little history.) That was before Facebook, Twitter, and the tsunami of social media onto our shores.

This site – it’s blog and everything else – are a reflection of my interests in this world and the next. First and foremost is geology and all things related to geology. But it also features photography, films, and just about anything I think about. I’ll use categories for most posts, so you can filter in only those topics you want to see.

Thanks for visiting. Rock on.